Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery Before and After

Dyan cannon stay young in her age with the benefit from plastic surgery is ever became the rumor. Dyan Cannon is 67 years old now, but her appearance remind us with woman in 40. Till now Dyan Cannon haven’t admitted plastic surgery help her to looks wonderful. She said her healthy and strict diet yet hard exercise keep her ageless and fit. Although she never clearly admitted has had plastic surgery done, Dyan Cannon was accused has performed numerous plastic surgery procedures like liposuction, nose job, botox and filler injection.

Although for some people Dyan Cannon looks good on her 67 years old, but people says that she is too obsessed to plastic surgery. Dyan Cannon tries too hard and push her self to keep young and beauty although her age has been increased.

One of the rumors accused on Dyan Cannon is about liposuction. She is rumored took the liposuction to keep her physical appearance remain slim and curved. She was accused conducted plastic surgery for the liposuction. Media journalist guessed that Dyan Cannon conducted plastic surgery for liposuction after birth her only daughter in 1996. For some people Dyan Cannon was bit overdo of liposuction which is make her quite skinny rather than slimy.

Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery Before and After

Dyan Cannon 2000 and 2011 Photos

The other is about Dyan Cannon nose job. In her recent photos it seems that her nose looks pinched and really suit on her face. People said that Dyan Cannon’s nose job is the most wisely decisions of plastic surgery that she has had done.

Then people also judge that she has Botox treatment also filler injection especially on her forehead in order to make her seems younger than the age.

Those procedures actually make Dyan Cannon looks good and natural, that why I don’t know her reason to keep silent about plastic surgery rumor. But its likely that Dyan Cannon should better control her selves to make her aging more natural.

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