Lesley Visser Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Lesley Visser, who her face often appeared on the screen in recent years got plastic surgery rumor. Her naturally beautiful face looks unnatural because of plastic surgery gone wrong. Then, is that assumption are true? Lesley Visser is and American sportscaster who famous because of she is the first female NFL analyst on TV and the only sportscaster in history who has worked on Final Four, NBA Finals and others famous network broadcast. She is 60 years old now but a few years ago she was rumored undergone some plastic surgery to her face to stay young against the aging.

It was not surprising when someone like Lesley Visser who frequently appears on the screen television became worried when she is getting older and the wrinkles on her face increasingly visible because of the aging, may decided to come up with some plastic surgery procedures in order to maintain the youthful. People speculated that she has done nose job or rhinopasty because it appears a bit striking difference in before and after photo. It is not very nice change actually, but because of her plastic surgery gone wrong people could easily notice every detail of the differences.

Lesley Visser Plastic Surgery Before and After

Lesley Visser 2002 and 2013 Photos

Besides Rhinoplasty, Visser also may undergo Botox and filler injection that is usually done by some celebrities to avoid wrinkles. In the before and after photos there is also seen how much she tried to defend her young face. But I think what happened to her face after surgery got the opposite, it is too easy to read that she got cosmetics surgery because the result shown are not too good.

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