Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery Gone Bad

Antonio Banderas’ wife Melanie Griffith was suspected undergone plastic surgery procedures. People said she was the victim of plastic surgery because she looks horrible. Melanie Griffith is American actress who was nominated for Academy Awards and she ever won a Golden Globe for her performance in Working Girl film. She was married with actor Antonio Banderas and she is 56 years old now.

Melanie Griffith plastic surgery is common but it is because she was diagnosed had skin cancer and had a surgery for it. It was in 2009, and then she works with an organization about helping burned children in replacing their skin. But it was different with plastic surgery rumor that hit her. People speculated she had undergone some plastic surgery for cosmetic surgery for her lips, upper eyelid surgery, browlift, some filler injection and Botox. People judged that her ‘trout pout’ lips are because of cosmetic surgery.

Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery Gone Bad

Melanie Griffith 1990, 2000 and 2013 Photos

Besides her lips problem, people speculated she had gone other procedure or cosmetic surgery for make her face younger and fresh. Her face was unnatural that time, but she never admitted about her surgery. She said that the horrible of her photo is because of twitter trolls who mock how she looks. About her fresh and younger look, she told the US Weekly “I don’t know if I look that great. I work a lot. I have a trainer that I work with four times a week, and I do hot yoga.” That was her reveal. But through her before and after pictures, who will believe that she has never had plastic surgery, while her face and lips look really unnatural?

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