Super Junior Plastic Surgery Rumors

Do you believe if there are rumors about Korean celebrity Super Junior had plastic surgery? If you like Korean pop music you’d know Super Junior, an eight member vocal group. As their fame, their songs began to enter the international music market is rumored that some of the personnel perform plastic surgery procedures.

Who does not know Korean, even many who say that the trend of plastic surgery is very common there. So many Korean celebrities have had plastic surgery in order to support their careers and beautify their appearance.

One of Korean celebrities who have had plastic surgery is personnel of Super Junior, they are Kyuhyun, Rye Wook, Lee Teuk and Choi Siwon. We never know if they had plastic surgery or not until we see their before and after photos. Among all, Kyuhyun is the most popular with the plastic surgery rumors. He expected to had eyelids that he now has wider eyes and look more sparkling. In once occasion, the singer denied the rumors. However, he and his partner Shindong in an interview the host asked where he got his double eyelids from, then he finally admitted the truth that he have had plastic surgery done to give himself double eyelids.

Kyuhyun Suju Plastic Surgery

Kyuhyun Suju Plastic Surgery Rumor

Beside their eyes, Korean celebrities usually rumors by nose job. That is also expected to Super Junior personnel, beside they were having eyelid surgery, they were also had nose job. the nose job rumors is judged to Kyuhyun and Leeteuk. For Leeteuk, people expected he did it because of an accident. The other rumors was tend to Choi Siwon. Siwon did not he looks exactly the same from his pre debut pics and ryeowook didnt because he used to be chubby and he lost a lot of weight.

Well, however they did to enhance their performance is their right. Which one was done the plastic surgery and not, people just remain to enjoy their song, appearance is just the second thing for them to be the real singer.

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